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At the heart of Neighbourhood Voices is the music and the gigs. Although we have a bloody great time together, we take our singing seriously. We are a performing choir, and we do expect members to commit to rehearsals & gigs as much as possible. As part of our expectation for commitment, we have a Commitment & Attendance Policy that reflects this.

We meet every Tuesday at Yellow Arch Studios at Kelham Island 30-36 Burton Rd, Neepsend, Sheffield S3 8BX, from 7.30 – 9pm. 

We have around 38 sessions a year, with breaks that are taken roughly in line with Sheffield school holiday dates.

At the moment we have five sections – sop 1, sop 2, sop 3, alto 1 and alto 2. We'll be sure to buddy you up with an established member in a voice part to suit you.

We currently have a lengthy waiting list, but when you are offered a place, your first rehearsal will be free of charge so that you can get a feel for whether or not we are the right choir for you.

Choir subs are then arranged via GoCardless as a monthly Direct Debit of £25, payable twelve months of the year. This includes approximately 38 weeks of rehearsals, and so much more! We’re a social bunch & love a karaoke night but we’ve also enjoyed quizzes, clothes swaps, craft events & have a choir birthday bash every November. We also provide access to online resources and valuable workshops covering a range of topics, not just music and singing. Our most recent workshop was a full day hosted by Diversity & Inclusion specialist, Tash Koster-Thomas and previous guests include activist Gemma Rose and Royal Shakespeare Company actor Katherine Fletcher.

We wear pinks & reds for our gigs, and have a clothing library that members can access for this, as well as a uniform bursary.

We also have a number of places available on a Pay What You Can basis for those whom £25 per month presents a financial barrier and stops them singing with us. There will be no questions asked and further details of how to apply will be provided as and when you are offered a place with us.

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